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• Design

Which Cronapress product is appropriate for your situation?

Install Crona Safe Zone when the need is ...

  • to call for help urgently if an attack is taking place

Install Crona Care when the need is ...

  • to protect a vulnerable area
  • to call for help after a fall or incapacity
  • to give confidence that help is at hand in potentially threatening scenarios
  • to guard against accidental actuation by a knock or collision

Install Crona Care Anti-Lig when the need is ...

  • to guard against self-harming by ligature
  • to resist particularly violent attempts to damage the strip

... in addition to the attributes of standard Crona Care

When planning the layout and positioning of the alarm strips, are they within easy reach of a person at all times?

All Crona panic alarm strip systems can be fitted in one long continuous length. Of course, a continuous length of alarm strip is always more reachable than a series of alarm buttons.

An extra panic affray alarm strip can run closer to the floor for situations where a fall or knock down may occur.

For continuous protection, will the alarm strip have to go around a corner or up a flight of stairs?

Crona Safe Zone has a specially designed Universal Connector to allow the alarm strip to be continuous around corners and at an angle up a wall for situtions such as in stairwells.

Is it desirable to have a visual confirmation that the alarm strip is active?

All Crona Strip Systems can be fitted with LEDs and configured to self-test and give confirmation - if it's lit, it's live. Not all systems react this way and can still be lit yet have a fault!

Is there an existing alarm or signaling system already installed in the location?

Most existing electrical installations can be connected to take advantage of the Crona Strip Systems.

Is the area to be protected visited by vulnerable individuals likely to self-harm?

Crona Care Anti-Lig is a specially designed and constructed alarm strip to guard against possible self-harm. All fittings, bespoke end caps and cable trunking are to anti-ligature standards.

Is the location medical or otherwise sensitive to infections?

All Cronapress alarm strips can be supplied with anti-microbial coating for life long protection against 99.9% of super bugs (kills MRSA, C- Difficile, E-Coli and salmonella at spore level). This is standard for all Crona Care strips.

Is their a guide to Risk Assessment for alarms and alarm strip systems?

Cronapress have worked with community bodies and government agencies to compile a working risk assessment guide and checklist. This can be seen via this link.

• Installation

What standard lengths is Crona Strip supplied in?

Base strips are manufactured in lengths of 2m but can be cut to any length on-site and easily. Sections are butt-jointed to give continuous, uninterrupted lengths to ensure end-to-end installation so it is always within reach. The insert strips are supplied in lengths up to 12m as standard but can, on request, be supplied in continuous lengths up to 25m.

Is a specialist installer required to fit Crona Systems?

Component alarm strip parts can be supplied part-assembled to allow a qualified electrician to install the system on-site.

Does Cronapress offer an installation service?

Cronapress has a network of approved installers throughout the UK who are very happy to install and commission a system.

Are any special tools required for installation?

The only 'special' tool is a Torx driver – and one is supplied with each system. The Torx screws are used as an anti-vandal measure to secure the endcaps of the alarm strip and as extra security on the Crona Care Anti-Lig strip.

aluminium alarm strip base

Will the strips survive an aggressive attempt at damage?

Yes – as well as the Torx screws to the endcaps, they also have heavy gauge stainless steel, reinforced back plates. The strip base is aluminium and the fitting is flush to surface to prevent a prying attempt. The plastic pressure strip has a very high tensile strength.

What are the advantages over push-button alarms?

Push-buttons have to be spaced at intervals and at short intervals to be always within reach. The Cronapress continuous alarm strip ensures help is always within reach. Also, the wiring of each individual push-button takes a lot more time and materials than connecting a single Cronapress panic alarm strip.

What level of guarantee is provided on components?

All Cronapress components come with a two year warranty period as standard with an extended warranty of five years available.


• Operation

The LEDs in the alarm strip – what do they signal?

A very important feature of the Cronapress system LEDs is that they are monitored constantly. If the strip is lit, it's live. Any fault or breakage in the line will cause the LEDs to switch off, clearly indicating an issue. This is not the case in some systems, where there can be a fault in the line but the strip remains lit. Obviously, this is not a safe situation.

What signals can be programmed into the system when activated?

As well as the standard alarm call – whether it be a bell or siren, local or remote – the system can call a silent alarm, or activate CCTV cameras and recording, as well as on-screen notification to a control room or elsewhere. Notification to the alarm strip can also be activated by flashing or pulsating LEDs to confirm at incident that help is on its way.

alarm control panel

Can the system be configured as separate zones in different areas?

Yes – all Crona systems can be configured zonally. Crona Feel Safe can also have a function where the strip is initially inactive but a single press on the alarm strip will activate the zone. This is useful, for example, where a corridor is usually busy and not needing protection but may be unused and perhaps threatening, at night, say.

• Technical

What voltage is required at the strip?

Voltage of 12 - 24 volts can be used, depending on duty and length of alarm strip

What is the Ingress Protection (IP) rating?

Safe Zone can be ordered up to IP67 rating.

What are the matertials of the structural parts?

The base strip is aluminium with multiple fixing point holes drilled at close intervals to provide a secure fixing to the wall. The end caps fix to a stainless steel base plate tapped to take stainless Torx screws securing the end caps.

Is there system monitoring in case of a fault or power failure?

The system is monitored along the entire length of the strip, not just the wiring to the strip. A fault is immediately indicated by the LEDs deactivating.


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