Safe Zone Applications

Safe Zone panic alarm or dado affray switch

With the job of policing getting tougher and the cost of investigating affray in police custody areas getting more expensive, Cronapress has developed a designed-for-purpose affray alarm strip to fulfil the “call for assistance” requirement in high-risk areas.

Safe-zone dado affray strip is fitted in continuous lengths to protect the full length of long corridors and large or small rooms, providing a panic alarm activation switch area which is always within easy reach, unlike push-button alarms which can be some distance away from an incident.

affray alarm strips in police charging areas

Safe Zone Panic and Affray Alarm Applications

Police Application Zones

Public areas

police corridor alarm strip

panic alarm strips in police custody corridors

Search & Evidence rooms

  • Breathaliser room
  • Photography room
  • Fingerprint room
  • Medical room

alarm strip in police charging room

alarm strips in internview rooms

Charge areas & Interview rooms

  • Interview rooms
  • The custody bridge
  • Custody parking & entrance
  • Charge area
  • Custody counter
  • Corridors

panic affray strip in police custody area

alarm strip system with panels

Cell Block

  • Corridors
  • Stairways
  • Cell entrance
  • Toilets

low level affray alarm strip

alarm strips in police cell block

Prison Application Zones

Prison -

  • Interview rooms
  • Doctors room
  • Visitor search reception
  • Visitor rooms


alarm strip in prison visitor room

Criminal Courts Application Zones

Court -

  • Interview rooms - dado rail alarm strips
  • Outside cells - panic affray dado and low level alarm strips
  • Transition areas to courts - dado panic alarm strip with angle connectors to accommodate corridors and stairs

courtroom stair to custody area with alarm strip

dado alarm strip corridor corner installation

Crona Safe Zone can easily be integrated into existing electronic alarm and monitoring systems.

Safe-zone alarm strip can be programmed for a variety of actions

  • Fully illuminated – shows the strip is functioning and on standby
  • Lights flash (can be programmed in up to 7 ways) on activation – help is on its way
  • Audible alarm – both/or local and remote
  • Silent Alarm
  • On–screen notification to ARC
  • Can be integrated to video/audio recording


alarm strip control panel

Give your staff peace of mind 24 hours a day!

  • A continuous affray illuminated alarm strip.
  • Visual impact zone sizeably wider than anything else on the market.
  • Low profile strip to reduce accidental activation and minimise potential of accidental injury.
  • Visual assurance at all times to staff that the strip is activated and functional- if it's lit, it's live!
  • Acts as a deterrent to potential assailants with warning lights.


affray alarm strip in police cell block

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