Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments on premises including alarm systems should now be carried out.

A lack of these was criticised recently in a report by Prison Inspectors on Court Room Cells where... "Serious risks, such as detainees harming themselves or others, [are] not managed"

The same Risk Assessment requirements apply to alarm systems in disabled toilets and other areas in Schools and Colleges.

Here is the Cronapress Check List for you to check your system.

Full Fault Monitored SystemMany affray and assurance alarms fail new risk assessment criteria as they are not constantly monitored. Ensure the circuit is linked in series with end of line monitoring.
Click here to find out about combatting interference
Fast PressMost affray systems that have end of line monitoring are Fire systems derivatives and have a slow reaction time of over 250ms to 1000ms to overcome nuisance contacts. This is not fit for purpose. Our contact capture time is approximately 10ms and captures the activation. See Note 1 below * 
Press not Release to activateOccasionally alarms systems require a press and release to activate. Again this is not acceptable as the strip is unusable if an object is used to keep the strip contact closed. 
Visual CommunicationIf the section to be used can be avoided because visual aids (LEDs not lit) confirm the area is without affray facilities, then risks can be avoided.
See how Cronapress Illumination works here.
RobustnessIn general the weakest link to an affray strip will be the end cap where often the wall mountings are compromised. If the cap is loose or weak issues can arise.
Click here to see how robust Cronapress end caps are.
IP65Specify IP65 where needed -
Very Low temperatureInformation required 

Download a PDF file by clicking here to print & complete your own checklist
* Note 1 – Cronapress have been working with a Home Office approved test house. Bruce Lee’s kick speed was utilised as a benchmark of performance as he was recorded as the fastest kick known to man. Cronapress passed.

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