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Crona Safe Zone Applications

Crona Safe Zone is suitable for the majority of areas where a quick alert is needed in response to attack.

  • Security areas
  • Immigration areas
  • Interview rooms
  • Disabled toilets

Banks & Shops

  • Cash office
  • Cash desk
  • Counters
alarm strip at check in desk


It is available in two types: Crona Safe for ease of activation with prominent call strip and Crona Care, which has the same functionality but is shielded from unnecessary activation (such as by an accidental wheelchair contact).


Crona Care Applications

Crona Care gives reassurance in more isolated or vulnerable locations, perhaps not always populated or monitored. It has a reinforced strip to prevent accidental activation.


  • Lifts and escalators
  • Customs
  • Accessible toilets
alarm strip under security desk 

In many public-facing areas, Crona Safe Zone and Crona Care alarm strip is fitted discretely under the desk or counter top - so is always within easy reach if needed.

Banks & Shops

  • Tellers windows
  • Confidential meetings rooms
  • Retail counters


  • Reception desks
  • Bar counters
  • Concierge/Night Porter desks


  • Security check stations
  • Entrance gates

Government & Commercial Offices

  • Security stations
  • Reception
  • Meeting rooms

Every installation will have its own requirements and fitting constraints, so please do make use of the Cronapress Consultation service for help and advice for the optimal solution.

affray alarm strip for airports

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