Where we've come from...

Cronapress was established in the 1940’s and was innovative in developing a unique product in its day. The company has continued to develop new and ever advancing products and, over the last 30 years particularly, has become market leaders in the manufacture and supply of strip-activated, affray alarm systems.

Cronapress Safe Zone alarm strip is used extensively in the police and custody sector – you will see Cronapress panic affray alarm strip in police interview rooms quite often on television – and it is proving to be perfect in other operational areas, including hospitals, A&E departments, banks, shops and security desks – among many others.

A dedicated team of experienced colleagues are here in support with customer services, logistics and testing. All products are tested to exacting standards - often over and above the norm and setting new standards in the industry. This has resulted in Cronapress being listed as the only approved supplier in a number of organisations and divisions for affray strip alarms.

The wealth of experience and expertise within the company is used to help customers in determining the best solution for their particular circumstances and requirements. Every project is different, we understand that, so please do contact us and make use of our extensive knowledge in the design and operation of alarm strip systems – we're here to help.

About us (History)

...and where we're going

It's meeting and listening to police officers, doctors, nursing staff and others who need to look after their colleagues that drives the development of new products and the improvement of current ones.

More and more, the threat of an affray, the vulnerability of people in our care and the demand on staff, makes the reliability and effectiveness of support systems, like Cronapress alarm strips, increasingly important.

With in-house design and manufacture, new products are quickly and efficiently put into production, tested and released to the market. There is no inertia to overcome, as might be found in a larger organisation. Flexibility is key, both in development and in meeting customer requirements.

In whatever aspect – design, manufacture, supply, performance – Cronapress help is just a touch away.

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