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Are you a United States or Canadian supplier of security or raid alarm systems using raid switches to Banks, Police Interview Rooms, Jails, Hospitals...etc.?
Click here to see how Cronapress equipment can enhance your offering to your customers.

Schools - Court Room Cells - Police Cells - Hospitals

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Installation at the European Law Courts in the Hague successfully commissioned:-
"The Hague project is finished and all went smoothly. I will pass on your info to our sales team for future projects".

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panic affray stripsWelcome to Cronapress Ltd – the market leaders in pressure sensitive panic affray or raid alarm strip technology.
We manufacture pressure alarm strip, much more readily reached than a panic button, for use in police interview rooms, courts, prisons, hospitals and numerous commercial applications.

• Crona feelsafe - call alarm strip or raid switch - designed for hospitals, airports, banks and shops

• Crona safe-zone - panic affray or raid alarm strip - designed for police custody areas, courts and prisons

Find out how Cronapress panic affray strips can keep your staff and clients just a touch away from safety!